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Friday, November 6, 2009

Grand Hyatt DFW Welcomes Home Our Heroes

Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport has a program called “Welcome Home a Hero” developed to encourage and support our deployed military.According to the group, approximately 150-275 troops come through Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport daily on their way home for a two-week R&R. Volunteers gather each day to welcome home these troops, showering them with thanks and encouragements for their service to our country.

Today, associates from the Grand Hyatt DFW gathered to support arriving soldiers inside Terminal D. Some are regular volunteers to this cause, and for others, it was their first time to participate. Kristy (Sales Department) said, “Almost all of these men and women are returning home today to Ft. Hood . . . After being gone at war for so long, it’s not the ideal situation to return home to. So it was important, today especially, to let them know we support and welcome them back!”

With our hotel being located inside Terminal D, it puts us in a prime position to lend a helping hand to these soldiers. “As a company, Hyatt believes that it is essential to give back to our community. Everyday we strive to deliver the greatest service in the world to our guests. It’s nice to give back to those brave soldiers who serve us and our country everyday”, remarked Jessica (Human Resources).

We send our love and support to all those affected by this war. We praise our soldiers and comfort the families of these brave men and women. When asked why participating in this event was important, La Tonya (Human Resources) states, “I have several family members who have and currently serve in the armed forces. I think about how each of us is or has been, at some point, connected to someone who has served our country. I want to thank them and this is one way to do that.”

Today the terminal was filled with cheers, joy, pride and of course, tears. Our associates said that they were a bit overcome with emotion, and one encounter that stuck in all of their minds was seeing a soldier be reunited with his wife and two sons, one of which he was meeting for the first time. “I overheard a soldier’s wife telling a Veteran that today, when her husband walked through those gates, it would be the first time to ever meet his 1-year-old son! And then to actually witness that moment was truly amazing!” exclaimed Kristy.

Of the experience, Griselle (Front Desk) says, “I never have had the chance to say thank you for all that they do.” Well, we’re sure that is a common thought throughout the community. But guess what? Anyone can participate! Visit for more information and to view some wonderful photos and videos.

Thanks again to our wonderful associates; we look forward to participating again soon. Please support our troops!

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