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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pulling Back the Curtain: Who's Behind Your Twitter & Other Social Media?

Businesses - a lot of them have social media sites.  You read their tweets and posts, but do you know who is doing the typing?  Does it matter?  Well, that's definitely subjective.

In the short time our hotel has been involved in social media, we've read many articles regarding best practices for businesses and their participation in these ever evolving platforms of interaction and communication.  Interaction and communication - that was the top priority on the list when setting out to become a part of online communities, and it still is.  We want to communicate with our guests in the ways that most interest them - be it by phone, email or *gasp* snail mail.  But we recognize the need to be present in social media as well and have entered this realm optimistically.

People are going to talk about your business whether you're listening or not, right?  We agree with the many articles we've read that businesses should take a proactive approach and get in on the conversations. 

So if businesses are in on the conversations, do consumers really care who is relaying the information?  Again, it's subjective, but it couldn't hurt to know, right?

We tweet often and have conversations with a few of our great followers - they usually are individuals and have a profile picture displayed, so we have an idea of who we are conversing with; but they don't know who is talking to them from behind the Grand Hyatt DFW photo . . . So, in the interest of transparency, we've (I've) decided to pull back the curtains, à la Wizard of Oz.  It's not like it's a big secret, and frankly, no one has asked, but if you're curious - now you will know.

*Drum Roll Please* 

The person tweeting, blogging and posting on Facebook for Grand Hyatt DFW is . . . .


My name is Andrea, and I work in the sales & marketing department.  I've been with Grand Hyatt DFW since our opening in July 2005.  I've lived in Texas for most of my life and in Dallas for almost 5-years.  I'm very honored to work along side some amazing hospitality professionals.  We are proud of our product, and it shows.  Grand Hyatt DFW is still new to social media, but we are pleased with the way things have progressed so far.

So there you have it - always nice to put a face with the tweets and posts.  If you are one of our "tweeps" or Facebook Fans, we thank you for following us.  We're always looking for feedback.  What do you want to know about our hotel?  We'll tell you. 

Now it's your turn.  Businesses, pull back the curtain.  Who's behind those tweets and posts?

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