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Monday, September 19, 2011

INSIDE GRAND HYATT DFW: Renovation Series - Artwork

Hard to miss, easy to appreciate - I'm referring to the 1,300 pieces of new artwork adorning the walls of our newly enhanced hotel.

Brought to the project by Dallas design firm Seifert Murphy, Richard Bettinger has shared with us his style of Decompressionism in unique, light-based images.

I'll let Richard explain Decompressionism:
"By using a finely crafted combination of camera movement, shutter speed and lens manipulation, I am able to take a subject away from being real, or compressed, into something having the appearance of being decompressed and set free. This way I have recorded movement with my still camera, making my subject appear as if it were echoing itself or being followed by its own history revealing a delightful ambiguity."

This style can also be described as "the capture of light reflecting off of objects." For example, one of the stunning pieces on our ballroom level, entitled "Bronze Flow", is actually light reflecting off of bronze statues. See a time-lapse video of the installation of this piece below.

Bettinger also created a few pieces especially for the hotel using unique and unusual views of aircraft and flight related objects. A good example of this can be seen in our guestrooms, each containing four pieces of art.

We hope you'll appreciate the artwork as much as we do! Thanks again to Bettinger Studio and Seifert Murphy.


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